Victex PT-150



 Size 1200 x 1100 x 2090 (L x W x H
Weight 680Kg
Production rate 135Kg/hr
Pellet diameter 3mm (optional 2-19mm)
Control system  Colour touch system
Power Setting 380v (60/50hz), 3ph, 25A
LCO2 Pressure 15 - 20bar


Special Features

  • Enabled to display and set the operating hour
  • Enable to adjust the production rate
  • Intalled the pellet cutting equipment
  • The dieplate designed for high density pellets
  • Self diagnostic - Failure cause and trouble shooting
  • Full automated - one touch operation
  • Auto/Manual operation mode
  • Waterspout keeps clean production enviroment
  • CE marked

Victex pelletizer PT-150 has been designed to allow the user who needs dry ice pellets to quickly and simply manufacture high density dry ice pellets.

The burden of the existing large capacity pelletizer imposed on the user such as investment cost and space can be solved. It is a mobile type which has a advantage of being able to produce pellets at the nearest where pellets are needed.