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Victex PT-50

Victex PT-150

Victex PT-300

Dry Ice Pellets revolution!

Save extreme quantities of liquid C02 using the hydraulic IceMakers from Atlantis Dry Ice Systems.

Dry Ice Pellets are now much easier to produce with the brand-new closed chamber technology from Atlantis! The new hydraulic pelletizers now maximises efficiency and profitability of dry ice pellets production.


Dry Ice pellets produced by conventional pelletizers also take much longer to produce, because conventional pelletizers do not produce within the first approx. 25 minutes. The new pelletizer series from Atlantis Dry Ice Systems produces dry ice pellets from stroke one, which saves approx. 90% of the start-up CO2 usage compared to other pelletizers. Atlantis can easily calculate for you how much you will be saving.


With a continuous normal-scale daily production of dry ice pellets, you may easily be able to save up to $15K - $60K on an annual basis! The new automatic change of extruder plates also removes downtime and reduces loss of valuable CO2. The dry ice pellet length and quality are optimised using the new pelletizer technology (4 different sizes available), and the complete version of e.g. the IceMaker PR750H can produce two sizes of pellets at the same time.


Note that the pellets should be stored in a dry ice container.