Equipment Rental and Support

victex-features.jpgAtlantis can also provide equipment on a rental basis. In addition to the hardware, Atlantis can also provide a complete staff training service to ensure that all all client staff involved in the project are familiar with the efficient and safe use of the technologies required.

Atlantis can supply a range of rental equipment suitable any application from small, awkward to access jobs, to larger jobs requiring maximum rate of coverage.

Atlantis can also supply the required support materials including:

  • Safety manual
  • WMS/JSA documentation
  • Supporting materials (MSDS etc.)

Rental programs generally suit clients who have requirements where the full scope in terms of timing and location is undetermined and suitable manpower is available on site. However, every job is unique. If you would like an appraisal and assessment of the suitability of dry ice cleaning for your application, an Atlantis representative will be happy call or visit to discuss the relevant issues and come up with a tailored solution.