Dry Ice Cleaning Program

Cutting edge solutions for industrial cleaning programs such as 5S.

blast_2.jpgIf implementing 5S is a problem at your facility, then maybe dry ice cleaning is the answer.

The application of dry ice cleaning has grown over the last ten years and is now an established industrial process which is recognized in many industries as the most cost effective and possibly the only available solution for a wide range of cleaning problems including the effective cleaning of electrical and electronic systems.

If your process line has electrical or electronic equipment which is difficult or impossible to effectively clean using traditional methods, then Atlantis has the skills and personnel to develop a cleaning solution for you based on dry ice.


Atlantis can provide the technology, trained operators as well all of the equipment and materials to complete any job, no matter how big or complex.

Atlantis can provide dry ice cleaning service in one of three ways:

  • Contract cleaning services
  • Equipment rental and support
  • Equipment sales and service

Atlantis dry ice cleaning has been successfully used for a number of applications including:

5S compliant programs for electric motors, robotics, process lines, electrical panels and controls, aircon systems, heat exchangers......

Fire and disaster recovery
(Video coming soon)