Contract Service

industrial_1.jpgAtlantis can provide a complete service program which can significantly reduce downtime and costs. With this option, Atlantis will supply all of the equipment, resources, dry ice and manpower and project doumentation required to complete the job on time and more importantly, to the agreed specification. Atlantis staff have many years of experience in the application of dry ice cleaning technologies efficiently and safely. But knowing the technology and its use is only part of the story.

If your application has special requirements in terms of:

  • Quality control (HACCP, GMP etc)
  • OH &S (height, confined space or hazardous materials)
  • Industry requirements (GMP, aviation, mine operations etc.)

industrial_2.jpgThen the team at Atlantis can design a solution and process which will execute the job efficiently and reliably. Contract service is ideal for clients with technically difficult that require expert attention. These jobs range from quite small to extremely large.

However, every job is unique. If you would like an appraisal and assessment of the suitability of dry ice cleaning for your application, an Atlantis representative will be happy call or visit to discuss the relevant issues and come up with a tailored solution.